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We think YouTube is awesome with so much creativity, knowledge & cool science stuff

Yes I do want to know why a scorpion is fluorescent

It's brilliant - so here we compile some of our top picks for the month. Hopefully these will spur an idea or teach something new!

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These assist your development pathway

Videos of the month

love building websites & creating awesome functions with code?

building a highly interactives & user-focused email marketing campaign?

Becoming a subject-matter expert

content of all forms!

Carbon made simple

Learning more about carbon


  • Veritasium - YouTube


Space talking to us

  • Veritasium - YouTube

Space is fascinating

  • Veritasium - YouTube


Social & shared value

  • Veritasium - YouTube

Renewable 900°C thermal energy & thousands kWh electrical potential 

  • Veritasium - YouTube


Techno-economic analysis & economic feasibility introduction

  • Veritasium - YouTube

Channel 4

A tribute to the legendary Sean Lock

  • Veritasium - YouTube


Speed & Power

  • Veritasium - YouTube

Influencing others with climate & carbon science