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Life cycle assessments

Breaking down a physical product into it's carbon components.

  • Started 1 Oct 2021
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  • Remote

Service Description

If your company is involved in the manufacturing of products & the conversion of raw materials, your carbon portfolio is made up of numerous layers. Each raw material must be extracted from the Earth which is then transported & converted through multiple processes until becoming a final product. The stages each have a carbon implication - understanding what carbon implications these layers as well as the current & future alternative options are is a vital step for any business involved in a manufacturing process. A life cycle assessment allows you to be completely transparent about the carbon implications of your product as well as your plan for reducing this impact. Due to recent changes in legislation (TCFD) & the push for all companies to align to 1.5C warming targets (SBTi), understanding your product's carbon portfolio reducing your upstream risk as the people you sell to can't achieve Net Zero without your engagement.

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