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Pay as you FeeL

The option to pay exists to...

  • Finance is not a barrier for seeking action

  • Demonstrate the FseL DNA in that we are willing to contribute hundreds of hours of our time to create change & gain experience

  • Invest into Net Zero Careers building effective teams that understand & facilitate each others' unique talent. Invest in our internal systems to enhance our research & application potentials

  • Monetise and build an economically viable business model that will allow us to expand our reach & scale of impact.

  • We can align the value business to the price of carbon

But there is absolutely no contractual obligation to pay.

All of the companies we'd like to pay for any of our services are the ones who have caused the most significant damage to this planet. But those people probably aren't going to be looking at a site like this.

However, if any of the:.. mass polluters / green-washers / businesses at risk from new technological waves /  incumbent manufacturing firms / un-sustainable sections of a supply chain etc...

…want to adapt, change & grow alongside the Net Zero economy then we will gladly provide our free service because; honestly, you doing nothing is more annoying than not getting paid.

Essentially anything that ends up reducing emissions, we are in.

You can find out more about our services below.

  • An exploratory exercise through your evolution to Net Zero.

    Pay as you Feel
  • A short-burst & highly pertinent Net Zero accelerator.

    Pay as you Feel
  • Breaking down a physical product into it's carbon components.

    Pay as you Feel