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The FseL DNA

FseL DNA - economics.png
FseL DNA - vision.png
FseL DNA - Science.png
FseL DNA - optimism.png
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Net Zero Academy

To inspire, motivate & equip the next generation of carbon professionals in saving this planet. To Bridge the Net Zero skills gap. To catalyse sustainable initiatives in companies that are wanting to start their journey.

The FseL Story

FseL was born in 2020 off the back of a virtual internship held by Bright Network. It was very spontaneous, driven from the chat function of the event with the simple question of 'Anyone want to / involved in carbon & sustainability?' The response was so positive with hundreds of responses coming in & so the FseL LinkedIn group was created which shot to 300+ members in a matter of days.

Here we must apologise to Bright Network as we were banned from the chat several times.

Founder's Story

Aaron was very lucky in that he had numerous opportunities to demonstrate his passion for everything carbon, energy & Net Zero. Despite this, it took 100's of applications to secure a role in this field as his University degree was business-oriented. Luckily, Energise decided to take a risk & hire him as a Net Zero Consultant.

This process inspired Aaron to create the FseL & help empower other young people to demonstrate their passion & ability for saving this planet. Your university degree & previous experience don't have to dictate the rest of your life - the FseL exists to provide the skills diversity & choice to contribute to the Net Zero economy.

Image by Ian Schneider