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Future Sustainability & Energy Leaders

The Net Zero academy

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​Net Zero Skills Development - Visionary Research 

Approaching the carbon crisis with an optimism that we might - just maybe - save this planet.

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What is Net Zero?

Simply put, it's our only option if we want to keep planet Earth habitable.

It's our greatest weapon in the fight against climate change & keeping average global temperature increases below 1.5°C (sounds small, is a lot!)

Net Zero is achieved once humanity / a continent / a country / a company or an individual adds no additional emissions to the atmosphere - our cumulative emission contributions are zero.


The 'Net' is there because certain things remove carbon from the atmosphere, such as trees which absorb carbon to breath. Though with the average tree absorbing 1 tonne of carbon across 15 years - we'd need a big ol' forest to cover our 40 billion tonnes of carbon emitted per year. 


We mention the various categories above for a few reasons.

  1. Net Zero requires engagement from all of the above to be successful

  2. There needs to be both a top-down & bottom-up approach to Net Zero (government push & public pull)

  3. Commitment from each level to change the way we operate

We ask you now to take a look at your surroundings, the buildings / items / consumables etc. each of these has carbon implications for every stage of bringing it to you - resource extraction, transportation, conversion, packaging, use of product - these all effect the planet.

Image by Benjamin Suter

Net Zero Careers

The FseL progression path

The goal of the FseL is to provide the opportunity for young people to engage with the carbon crisis, diversify skillsets & make an impact.

The FseL progression path is mapped out below - around a 5 minutes read.

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1 - Discovery

The word enlightenment might be slightly overkill, but the process of understanding how much of an influence you can have within a carbon-related role comes close to that. Knowing that you are contributing to something that is way bigger than we are is a very strange & welcome feeling & one that we wouldn't change for the world.


(apart from if achieving Net Zero was part of the deal)

There are 40,000 carbon professionals in the UK. By 2025, we need around 2,000,000 - so the 50 fold increase in opportunities is also a very valid reason for developing this competency.

2 - Exploration

Once discovering that you are a part of the solution to a mass extinction, the exploration of your impact scope begins. You will probably already have a feeling or inclination into what sector you'd like to be involved with which help to engineer your development plan alongside the following assessments:


Aptitude: understanding your unique capabilities

NLP: how your senses influence your representation of scenarios

Belbin: your unique impact & value within a team

Experience: what's shaped your path to this day

Knowledge: your current fields of expertise

Image by Dan Dimmock
Image by Scott Graham
3 - Foundations

 Understanding the scientific fundamentals to Net Zero to bridge the gap between public perception & corrective action.

An example of this is carbon offsetting. If offsets provide 'additionality' then; yes, this contributes to rebalancing emissions. However, adopting a strategy that relies solely on offsets is the equivalent to continuously applying cellotape to an ever-growing crack in your house - it's not going to hold.

This cellotape example doesn't solely apply to it's ability to hold the house together (it can't) but also imagine that the price of cellotape doubles every few years. It's just not economically viable either.

4 - Application

Whilst growing your foundations in carbon, Net zero & sustainability you will experience moments of inspiration in ways to apply your new found knowledge.


The application stage is all about honing these hunches & investigating their feasibility. This process involves navigating risks, assessing economic viability & structuring your projects - essentially how to bring them to life & if / when they should be enabled.

At the application phase, you will also be awarded with numerous additional tools to aid in your exploratory applications

Image by Charles Forerunner
5 - Impact

You are on the front-line of fighting carbon.


Your hand-print is greater than your foot-print, everything you touch has a positive impact on the planet.

You are leading FseL projects & have the ability to discuss all carbon scenarios.

You are able to communicate with any person, business or government & provide pertinent insight into how we can achieve Net Zero.

A true change-maker & a huge asset to achieving Net Zero.

Net Zero Careers

For those who are inspired by being a part of creating a sustainable future, you can find a link below for joining the Careers group.

Likewise, continue down the page to see to see what FseL projects we have running.

Professional services

As part of our mission to create a tangible impact, we offer professional services on a 'Pay as you Feel' basis.


Utilising the expertise within the FseL community we are able to provide a highly skilled, external resource that will tackle any carbon-related challenge.